Patient Information

Admission & Discharge

During Admission
  • The patient or relative has to contact the front office staff.
  • Patient details have to be filled on the admission form and a consent form has to be duly signed for the treatment.
  • Please pay the deposit at the billing counter.
  • On completion of registration formalities, the patient will be escorted to the room.
  • Only one attended can accompany the patient.
  • The person accompanying the patient will be given an attendant’s pass. The validity of this pass must be renewed if the patient’s stay is prolonged.
You are requested to bring the following items to hospital:
  • The list of medicines that you are currently taking.
  • All required medical reports and X-rays.
  • Personal toiletries, slippers, night clothes, and towels as per your need.
You are requested to NOT bring the following items to hospital:
  • Jewellery and valuables
  • Electrical appliances
  • Eatables
  • Flowers
  • The hospital will not accept liability for loss of any personal articles.
  • The consulting doctor will give discharge to the patient. Discharge formalities will be initiated by the ward executive.
  • Executive at billing counters ensure prompt and efficient handling of the payment process.
  • A folder containing discharge papers and instructions for further treatment, follow-up visit with the consultant, etc will be handed over after the bill payment.